Funniest Christmas Commercials from AT & T and Verizon

Looks like the phone companies are really getting into the swing of things this Christmas season. The best ones I’ve seen are both AT & T and Verizon.

Looks like Verizon has a new one out where it welcomes the iPhone to the Island of Misfit Toys.

Verizon has recently come out with a campaign entitled “There’s a Map for That” copying iPhones “There’s An App for That” campaign. AT&T executives weren’t laughing and have decided to sue Verizon. The reason is that AT&T feels Verizon is attempting to deliberately mislead the public. Verizon compares Verizons 3G coverage with the limited 3G coverage by AT &T.


Shake Your Weight Away With This Incredible New Age Dumbbell

Here’s another ridiculous infomercial product that claims to “shake your weight” away. I guess we’re supposed to be impressed by the scientific studies that conclude that isometric contractions cause 300% more EMG activities than your average dumbbells. Geeze, what a bunch of knuckle heads these marketers are. Trying to convince us that passe to use dumbbells. Well Ellen DeGeneres found out about this unique product and had to test it out for herself!

Hmmm lets see I’m not sure what excites me more. It could be the “Dynamic Inertia” which could potentially ignite my arm, shoulders and chest or the fact that I only have to work out 6 minutes a day! Ellen does a great job of mocking the infomercial products. I wouldn’t doubt that her show helps increase sales even though the studio audience is having a hayday with this new age workout product.

Geico Caveman Commercials are a Hit

The GEICO Cavemen are some my favorite commercials. This ad campaign started in 2004 with Neanderthal-like cavemen in modern settings. The idea behind the commercials is that GEICO’s website is “so easy, a caveman could do it”.

Back in  2007, the GEICO caveman actually had their own interactive Flash website called Caveman’s Crib. Users were invited to hip penthouse parties in the caveman’s apartment. It grew in size and became an entertainment portal, with multiple web entertainment experiences.

You could interact with the cavemen, see their online dating profiles of the cavemen and their dates. It  also offers users the a chance  to morph themselves into cavemen and see their own cave baby offspring. It looks like the’ve taken the site down and I can’t figure out why since it was such a huge hit!  The Cavemen even had their own TV show which turned out to be a real disaster. I believe it was canceled after two episodes. Oh well they’ll have to stick to commercials instead.

Old TV Commercial of Space Food Sticks

Old TV commercials like of all things, Space Food Sticks are a living monument to golden years of the Space Age industry. Back in those days developing space food was a major hurdle for NASA technicians. They needed to keep it safe, fresh and tasty. Have a look at the original Space Food Sticks Commercial!

The first brave guinea pigs, I mean astronauts, who flew in space were originally given an unappetizing  food choice. Semi liquid food puree squeezed out of a tube and also cubes covered with edible gelatin. Ewwww yuck!

NASA had the support of the Pillsbury Company which lead to the creation of the Space Food Sticks.  These sticks could slide into the airtight chambers in the helmets of astronauts.

Old TV commercial on Space Food Sticks

Old TV commercial on Space Food Sticks

Check out the back of the Food Sticks package. You get a high tech explanation on the foods nutritional value along with old fashioned foods like apple and a glass of milk.

Did We Really Buy Into Those Old Commercials?

Have you ever looked back at some vintage commercials and wondered “What were we on back then?” I’m not sure how long these Slim Suits were sold on the air. I can’t imagine who in their right mind would buy a one-size-fits-all, metallic, diet suit promoted by a lady with a mullet.

You can lose weight by sitting around and doing absolutely nothing! Imagine that…It also fits into your busy lifestyle. No exercise. No pills… It’s MAGIC! So incredibly simple. Who would have thought that you could wear it in bed and wake up feeling lighter? Oh and by the way, you better hurry this aluminum Slim Suit is sweeping the country is not, I repeat NOT available in stores!

How Do They Get the Caramilk Inside the Bar?

The Caramilk Bar Commercial stands out in our minds but is it clever marketing or have they gone to far trying to outdo their ads. They even took the Caramilk Bar dance troop out on the streets of Montreal. With traffic stopped and shocked on lookers, no one really knew what to make of this spectacle.

As you can see in this clip, Montrealers are an open minded bunch but this takes the cake! BTW, the troop starts out talking in french but later switch to English.

Then to peak your interest even more, once you’re at the Caramilk website they leave you guessing with a variety of answers from various sources. Take a look here… Pretty humorous if you ask me!

John West Salmon – Bear Fight Commercial

Here’s a hilarious back to nature commercial done by the John West Salmon company. Now who would have come up with an idea like this. A bear fighting a guy and delivering low blows for a piece of salmon? At least it’s one we’ll definitely remember.

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that John West Salmon is actually a brand of salmon. Well guess who it’s owned by…Lehman Brothers! Even though this banking gian wasn’t so successful, the marketing campaign was. This commercial had with over 300 millions views!