Geico Caveman Commercials are a Hit

The GEICO Cavemen are some my favorite commercials. This ad campaign started in 2004 with Neanderthal-like cavemen in modern settings. The idea behind the commercials is that GEICO’s website is “so easy, a caveman could do it”.

Back in  2007, the GEICO caveman actually had their own interactive Flash website called Caveman’s Crib. Users were invited to hip penthouse parties in the caveman’s apartment. It grew in size and became an entertainment portal, with multiple web entertainment experiences.

You could interact with the cavemen, see their online dating profiles of the cavemen and their dates. It  also offers users the a chance  to morph themselves into cavemen and see their own cave baby offspring. It looks like the’ve taken the site down and I can’t figure out why since it was such a huge hit!  The Cavemen even had their own TV show which turned out to be a real disaster. I believe it was canceled after two episodes. Oh well they’ll have to stick to commercials instead.


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