Old Commercial of the Flintstones Smoking it Up!

Old commercials really remind us on how far society as come. This old Winston Commercial is so disturbing yet fascinating to watch. Wow adults fell for that ad back in the early 60s?  I grew up watching the Flintstones and never remember them smoking in the cartoon.

Can you believe that back in the early 1960s, it was a late night ad shown to adults?  Winston cigarettes was a co-sponsor to the Flintstones show for it’s first two seasons. You kind of wonder what the mentality was of the average adult. They were actually persuaded to buy cigarettes by cartoon characters! Go figure!!


One Weird Commercial – The Tiddy Bear Shoulder Cushion

Weird commercial parody or is a real product?  Bet your just itching to get out there and get yourself one of these oh so stylish plush bears. Don’t forget…its T-I-D-D-Y! They don’t want you to think they were saying something else!

Weird Commercial - The Tiddy Bear face plant

Weird Commercial - The Tiddy Bear face plant

You just have to admire this low-tech solution to a common problem. No need for high tech gadgets…sometimes you just need something simple that works.

Want a gift for your bosom buddy? Yu can get yourself one plus a second completely free! That’s right..a Tiddy Bear for $14.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

If you’re a little on the shorter site, I can actually see the need for something like this for women as well as men. Although I don’t think most normal people would want to cruise around the city with a plush-bear brooch.

Pedi Pistol – The Most Ridiculous Infomercial Ever

Pedi Pistol saves the day! Now giving yourself a pedicure is an absolute breeze. The two foot long extension handle is supposed to help those that can’t reach their toes. So now you have to precariously cut and buff your nails with something that looks like a carpentry tool. How interesting! If you want a good laugh, you can have a look at the actual Pedi Pistol infomercial here.

Pedi Pistol save me! I can't reach my toes!

Pedi Pistol save me! I can't reach my toes!

If you’ve ever got a Pedicure done, you know how tedious and detailed a job it is. You’re toenails are very small and the rough skin takes a large file to remove. Why would anyone just assume it would be easier doing a manicure two feet away from your toes? Pedi Pistol tries to reel in anyone with a bad back or who is pregnant. I think the makers of this ridiculous invention might have an uphill battle selling these things.

Evolution of a Guiness Beer Drinker

This Guiness beer commercial this has got to be one of the most creative  I’ve ever seen! Its supposed to show how your taste buds have evolved once you started drinking better beer I guess.

Interesting facts about Guiness Beer.

Guinness  is a popular dry stout that originated in Dublin, Ireland. The beer is based upon the porter style that originated in London in the early 1700s. It is one of the most successful beer brands…

Guiness has a Slogan  “Guinness is Good for You” . Do you know where it came from?
In the 1920’s people responded that they felt good when they had their pint and the slogan was born. The slogan is still used in some countries (notably in Africa) that do not regulate advertising claims as zealously as the U.K. and North America. Some have even posted that the advertising features athletes and imply that there athleticism can be attributed to Guinness.

Is it true that Guinness was dispensed in hospitals?
In England, post-operative patients used to be given Guinness, as were blood donors. Sadly, this is no longer the case in England. In Ireland, Guinness is still made available to blood donors and stomach and intestinal post-operative patients. Guinness is known to be high in iron content.

Mac vs PC are Still the Most Entertaining Commercials

Mac vs PC commercials are simple yet brilliant and entertaining! They make all pc users feel like total nerds, but in a very subtle way. Now the PC ad war is in full swing. Apple’s got a brand new lineup of commercials.

Apple continues to take potshots at PC. Apple focuses branding the coolness and exclusiveness factor. But they don’t want to appear too cool. They don’t want to be out of reach for the average consumer. Microsoft focuses more on value than anything. They really didn’t have much to fight back with when Vista came out. Then went horribly wrong with consumers.

Chia Obama Makes its Debute in This Commercial

Chia Obama is one unusual commercial. The makers of Chia pet have now left a spot for a Comemorative Special Edition Chia Obama. Wouldn’t he be honoured to be featured beside the likes of Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Garfield, The Simpsons and Schrek. They really try to impress us with this serious and patriotic infomercial but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Is this for real? Watch it for yourself!

The Chia Obama at least have a separate website for their newest Special Edition Chia. Their new slogan? “Hail to the new Ch-Ch-Ch Chief” Apply your chia seeds to Baracks head, soak the presidents scalp with water. Then sit back and watch his afro gro. You get to pick from either a Happy Pose or Determined Pose Chia Obama. All Chia planters are inscribed with those famous words….“Yes We Can”. Now that they’re written on your Chia Obama they are even more powerful. When his afro dies after a month…(this is normal) you have three more chia seed packs to keep renewing his afro hair.

Serious Chia Obama

Serious Chia Obama

Happy Chia Obama

Happy Chia Obama

A New Special- World’s Funniest Office Commercials

Worlds Funniest Office Commercials is  a new special that’s premiering Sunday April 12th. It counts down the top 10 office-related television commercials from around the world. The host is Mike O’Malley who acts as the everyday Joe. The one you might expect to find on the computer playing solitaire in his cubicle.

Funny Office Commercials airing Feb 12, 2009

Funny Office Commercials airing Feb 12, 2009

I’m sure if you ever worked in an office you can relate… The copier jams, irritating coworkers or bosses.  At least this is the assumption that TBS draws upon in its latest special, “World’s Funniest Office Commercials.” This latest comedic advertising venture seeks to continue on the success of past specials such as “Funniest Commercials of the Year.” This show follows a predictable format. It consists of periodic break-ins by a celebrity host attempting to supplement the material with his own witty quips. This weekend’s premier will coincide with the re-structuring of TBS’s Web site at VeryFunnyAds.com. Visitors here can select from a video library of comical ads.