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Old TV Commercial of Space Food Sticks

Old TV commercials like of all things, Space Food Sticks are a living monument to golden years of the Space Age industry. Back in those days developing space food was a major hurdle for NASA technicians. They needed to keep it safe, fresh and tasty. Have a look at the original Space Food Sticks Commercial!

The first brave guinea pigs, I mean astronauts, who flew in space were originally given an unappetizing  food choice. Semi liquid food puree squeezed out of a tube and also cubes covered with edible gelatin. Ewwww yuck!

NASA had the support of the Pillsbury Company which lead to the creation of the Space Food Sticks.  These sticks could slide into the airtight chambers in the helmets of astronauts.

Old TV commercial on Space Food Sticks

Old TV commercial on Space Food Sticks

Check out the back of the Food Sticks package. You get a high tech explanation on the foods nutritional value along with old fashioned foods like apple and a glass of milk.